Wednesday, 19 November 2008


I was beginning to feel really confident about my knitting, until this evening!
Last night I bought some new yarn at "Knit & Natter". Just one ball to add to my Christmas Knits. I had the Branching Out pattern set in my sights as it states that this is an easy lace pattern to begin with!
So tonight I confidently cast on my 25 stitches, I got to row 5 of the pattern and had to frog because I only had 30 stitches and by this point I needed to have 31. You really need to know a this point that when I frog I have to go the whole hog and rip it back to the beginning.
So I cast on again and this time got to row 7 and had to frog because I had 1 stitch extra this time. AAAAGHHHH it is so frustrating.
I wonder if it is just that tonight I am not up for knitting and maybe should cast on again tomorrow night.
Another frustration is, you guessed it, John Sergeant! Should he be leaving Strictly Come Dancing without being voted out? NO !
I admit in someway the Great British public are perverse by voting for him each week, but you have to support the underdog. But what today's debacle has shown is how pathetic & hypocritical the behaviour of the judging panel has been, along with some of the professional dancers and how John (yes I feel that I should be on first name terms with him) has risen above all of the panels sometimes offensive comments and remained a gentleman throughout!

John Sergeant ..... We salute you!


Jude said...

Hi - I'm sorry about all the frogging, but I quite agree about John - he was really entertaining and it is a light entertainment programme and in aid of children in need when all said and done!!!

LittleRach said...

Eeeek - I've got branching out in my queue as well because i thought it was an easy lace pattern!

Hope you've managed a few more rows by now.

Suzie Sews said...

ahhhh i feel your pains about the frogging.... hopefully it was just that night and you will be fine tonight.