Saturday, 15 November 2008

Blogging didn't last too long

Ok, so I haven't blogged since last week, not sure if I am going to be any good at it! In fact the only reason I have blogged now is that somebody has actually read my blog!

Well, this week I have been In a heap of......

  1. Bulbs - After watching Gardeners World a couple of months ago I sent my DH out to get some spring bulbs as I thought our garden could do with a bit of spring cheer. So they sat under our patio table looking at me longingly everytime I went to the back door, desperately wanting me to put them into a nice little hole in the ground......I just ignored them for weeks and weeks. That was until my DH reminded me that there was a credit crunch and that £10 we had spent on bulbs was wasted. "Oh No It Isn't" I said (a little too early for pantomime season I admit!), so off I went on Sunday planting approx 120 bulbs, both dafs and crocus. That was all fine and dandy but that left me in a heap of......

  2. Pain - oh did my left buttock ache the next day. I am sure therefore it must have been good for me, you know no pain no gain, but I have to admit on Monday it didn't feel like it was good for me. Watch this space for piccies of my bulbs as they prosper (fingers crossed) in my garden.

  3. Application forms - I have been so busy this last couple of weeks at work, which has included application forms for a vacancy that I have on my team. We had an overwhelming response, which is a sad sign of the times, especially when there is only 1 vacancy.

  4. Germs - one of my darling kiddywinks has had a virus, which thank goodness seems to be clearing up. Although he has been left with a terrible cough. Luckily both DH & I have understanding employers who at short notice accept that we need to take leave with kiddies being ill etc.. so DH has looked after him one day, my parents another day and then I worked at home the last day. I am not sure if this a result of my parenting, but he wanted to go to school each day and not stay at home. He says it is because he wanted to play football.....I am not sure!

  5. Knitting - I have decided at this late stage I am going to try to knit a gift for as many people as possible. Now that is a challenge as I am quite slow and I still consider myself a novice. I have been knitting for about 10 months now and had some success, but to go along with that a lost of failure. I have started my first Christmas Project, which is a scarf, it's going ok. Other friends and family may receive a washcloths/dishcloths as these are much quicker to knit. (My first blog picture post, lets see how it goes.)

This is a washcloth that I made for my toddler cousin, quick, easy and effective, I think anyway.

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