Tuesday, 18 November 2008


My household is still a poorly one!

DS1 still has his cough, DS2 now has a temperature and a sniffle and DH had a visit to the Doc's and he has an inflammed vein!!!

I can't believe it, you know what they say, it never rains it pours.

So I thought enough! We need a good dose of vitamins and home cooked food. I really enjoy cooking and sometimes wish I had more time to do more. I had visited ALDI this weekend, the first time in a long time, I did go for something specific but came out with a couple of 69p Butternut Squash amongst other things that are not on the 5 a day list!.
I thought I would make a lovely soup, quite similar to the pumpkin one I made whilst on holiday in Ireland at the end of October (which reminds me, I need to retrospective blog about that!!!). So 2 butternut squash, one onion, a handful of carrots and voila!

Don't you think the colour is fabulous? It reminds me of a beautiful autumn day!

Here it is simmering away....

And no photo's of the final offering because it didn't last that long, it was so scrummy.

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Angela said...

Hi Julia, I have just read your blog and it sounds and looks really good!
Must get on and start mine!
See you next week. Angela.