Thursday, 27 November 2008

Biccies and Boogaloo

I had a dose of the dreaded lurgy this week so couldn't attend Knit & Natter, which I really missed.

But before I got the dreaded lurgy DS2 and I had a practice run at making some Christmas Biccies. (I am also getting into taking photo's at every opportunity for my blog!) This is My DS2, he lurves cooking!

The recipe was from BBC Good Food Christmas Mag and turned out well enough. Maybe we need a bit more practice so that they are perfect......I mean who would complain at that!

But what I haven't mastered yet is taking any photo's of completed recipe's, we eat them too quick!
On the knitting front, I am really pleased with my latest finished object. I have called it Boogaloo Booga Bag. I think I am going to add it to my Christmas Present knitting, although I would really like to keep it, this means it is obviously (hopefully) going to be a nice gift.

It is a couple of milestones for me, in knitting. It is my first felt project and secondly I really love it (did I say that already?) You can check it out on my Ravelry page, or here is a sneaky flick just for you!

But then there is always an opposite, you know Heaven and Hell, Ying and Yang, Knitting Success and Knitting Failure....I am never going to attempt Branching Out again (it is the pattern of the devil).

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