Tuesday, 2 December 2008

Snow, snow and more snow

Well we woke up to a beautiful white crisp snow covering this morning and I have to say it was gorgeous and felt very much like Christmas (although it very rarely snows at Christmas here).

But then reality sets in and we still all have to trek off to work.....or at least attempt to. I decided that I would work from home as I had no appointments, but that plan was soon scuppered. On Monday we moved into a new office and I now desk share with a colleague, which meant I had to swap laptops so that we have compatible IT. It soon came apparent this morning that my new (older) laptop couldn't connect to the network at work from home.....grrrrr.

So I rushed to get the kiddywinks up and ready to drop off at my very kind friend's house, who takes them to school. In the meantime, DH had set off to work, knowing now that I am going into the office. Within 10 mins, he had rang to say it was treacherous and gridlocked. The kiddywinks and I are up ready in our walking boots/wellies and it was only 7am!

I decided to email my boss to request to take the day as annual leave (which was later agreed via a conversation....no snow where he is, or at work....typical). My DH had travelled a mile down the road and decided the remaining 7 or so miles was too stressful as it took 1 hour to travel that 1 mile. I began to walk the kids to school (after checking that it was open) it was a good job we did walk, this was the traffic jam on the main road on my way home approx. 9.20am.

So DH and I both had annual leave today, I hope the weather is better tomorrow!!!

Knit and Natter was also cancelled, hopefully I can get there tomorrow...weather permitting.

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